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Re: Well I am back! I am now having constant chest tightness again, need advice please

Hi, sorry to hear your feeling bad again. Have you looked up chostocondritis? Have you had chest xrays done to rule out lung issues? What about asthma? Could it be positional?(sleep, posture etc)
Chest tightness although sometimes a warning of 'possible' heart related problems, does not have to be heart related at all. It sounds like you have had a good workup done on your heart.
Is your chest tender to touch? Does it hurt more when you use your chest muscles(lifting etc). I would rule out some other things before rushing back to the cardiologist.
One other thing, if you are stressed and worried, it could simply be your muscles tightening up from that. Have you tried anything to relieve the discomfort? Heating pad, tylenol or aspirin, muscle relaxers??

Hope this helps a bit, take care.


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