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Zelmac, IBS and university students

Hi everyone,

I have suffered with IBS in silence for about 5 years. I have it mainly under control but I find it gets very bad when I have to go back to university classes because I have constant wind and I am forever leaving class and having to explain why I miss classes on a bad day. That doesn't mean to say that IBS is a walk in the park when I'm not at uni but I cope a lot better because I spend most of my time alone or with people I am comfortable being around. At uni, my stomach is forever making noises - growling, bubbling, squealing - you name it. I suffer from terrible anxiety attacks and depression while at uni and most of the time, I HATE getting up in the morning. I panic so badly that I get short of breath, claustrophobic and terribly afraid. I know passing wind isn't the worst thing in the world but it scares me half to death. Does this happen to anyone else? I was considering trying hypnotherapy cuz sometimes I think it's in my head and I'm going absolutely mental. Has this worked for anyone else? What else can I do? I don't want to leave uni but I dread going to class as well!!!!! Please help!

Also, I broke down the other day and finally went to see a doctor about it and I have been put on Zelmac. Tablets freak me out cuz I'm always afraid it will make it worse or bugger up my routine. Anyone else take Zelmac and does it actually work?

Thanks guys.

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