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Re: Well I am back! I am now having constant chest tightness again, need advice please

Thanks for your replies everyone. I am going to see my internest today just to make sure it is not bronchitis or something of that nature. The last time few times I saw both of my doctors my blood pressure was fine. This tightness/pressure is constant whether I am exerting or not. When I woke up this morning the tickle down my throat was worse. Its hard to explain but I can feel the air traveling down my throat, it is very pronounced. The tightness and pressure like feeling is still there but definetely worse when I take in a deep breath but still there even without a deep breath none the less. I was wondering about asthma myself. The description of tightness and pressure are the same used to describe a heart attack which worries me alot but if it was I have been having this constant tightness for three days straight with no relief what so ever. I guess I am beginning to worry that it is heart related again. Apperently its not a heart attack (i hope) and like you said angina doesn't last days on end. I guess I will see what the dr. says today. I have a feeling he won't find anything and I will be lost as to what the problem is again.