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Bad Pain and alternating between...

Constipation and D??? Help! I've got these flare ups that happen over and over--today's been very bad, as well as yesterday and about 2 weeks ago I started taking caltrate for colon health. Didn't take it today, because I've got "almost diarea" going on! I'm so confused because I ate black beans for dinner last night, thought that kind of food would be good, because of the fiber...but today the pain in my colon is unberable! I had this happen over the weekend on Sunday, and then on Monday, Tues, and today is even worse!

My Ob-Gyn, who was in Internal Medicine/General Practice before he specialized in fertility, says that I have IBS, but I have not had any real tests done to confirm this, he says it isn't really neccessary. What I describe to him, according to him, is definately IBS, but he didn't give a "C" or "D" type. I know something's definately not right. Usually, these "flare ups" include being constipated for a day, then I take a stool softner or something (since taking the caltrate I've been much better w/ regularity, which i've never experienced before). then, after the constipation, I get terrible pains, then I can't STOP going...and going till it eventually turns into D. Anyone else have anything like this going on or experienced it before? I am wondering if I need to see a specialist, but $$ is VERY tight and I don't have health insurance. Should I maybe ask my regular Dr or Ob-Gyn about Zelnorm? the pain is just too bad to keep on like this--I used to only get this way once about every 3 months or so, now it's more often, three times this week only!!!
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