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hi i'm new and confused

Okay....well I'm very confused becuase I'm not sure if I really have a "problem" or not. I started out just with a safety pin poking holes in my wrist about two years ago. Then one day I was feeling really frusterated and found some glass and cut my hands on purpose. I've been feeling worse lately and I guess its been about a year that whenever I'm mad at myself I cut my wrists, theres bleeding but I don't cut veins. I also have gotten into the "habit" (if you could call it that) of cutting in weird places like my arms, my legs, my neck, but again no major bleeding or anything. Thats why I'm not sure if I should even consider getting some help. I would feel kind of silly going to a doctor when all I have is basically scratches. Sometimes I feel like this is stupid I should talk to someone about it because I got frusterated at myself that I don't cut deeper. I keep telling myself "one day i'm not going to be a wimp and cut those damn veins" But I never have. so....what do you think? Would you even say that I am a "cutter"? even tho I'm not really putting myself in extreme danger like having to go a hospital or something like that. Ok. i'm not sure if this message even makes sense..I'm just kind of rambling...sorry about that. But if you have any advice or opinion, whatever, I'd appreciate a reply. Thanks for reading this.....Rochelle

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