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For those who've been having painful sex!! I went to a specialist...

Hi everyone,

I've posted on many threads about my problem with pain during sex, which started off as a yeast infection, but became a chronic pain that didn't go away.

As I was tested free of infection by the doctors, I went to a vulva specialist who FINALLY gave me some answers!

I have Vestibulitis or vulval vestibular syndrome

Apparently this condition is COMMON, which was the last of my thoughts...its just underdiagnosed in many women. To treat it, I have been given a very low continuous dose of 'Amitriptyline' which is usually prescribed (in larger doses) as an anti-depressent. It completely fixes this condition in about 70% of cases, so my fingers are I have had the condition for only a few months, its more likely to be fixable.
The reason for this condition is mostly to do with nerve endings... a kind of 'nerve damage' sometimes as a result of infection. Please do a websearch about this condition, or post back on this thread if you'd like me to elaborate more
My symptoms are:
- initial yeast infection (it was cleared, but I BELIEVED was still there because of the pain)
- pain during sex!! mainly penetration
- a subtle irritation day-to-day
- discomfort with tampons

It was mostly a sexual problem, and this is my most prominant symptom by far. I have no physical abnormalities in that area and no infections to speak of (apart from the initial one that kicked it all off). So if this sounds like you, post back, I'm happy to help!


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