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Re: still scared to take paxil!!

Hi Murph6,

I was in the same boat as you re not wanting to take anything. But in the end I was convinced by a family friend (also a psychiatrist) that not doing anything was a far worse option. You don't want your body to continue on this crazy cycle. By taking an SSRI drug you "interrupt" the cycle. Think of software in a computer that gets stuck and the drug as a reboot. But the drug alone is probably not enough. You should perhaps consider CBT to stop the triggers.

Like you I didn't want to go near Paxil because of the "Paxil Prison" stories I heard. So I'm on Celexa (Cipramil) and it has been just brilliant. Now I'm kicking myself for not sorting this out sooner. I kept trying to soldier on but it was a bad move in hindsight. Try taking Celexa on a half dose for about 6 weeks and try keeping the dose low.

Good luck....Scott