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Rude dr. says RSD does not spread.

The rude dr. that I'd seen had said RSD does not spread. I went into tell him that uping my nuerontin made me forget and feel scatter brained. Talked about RSD and he said it does not spread from my Arm(Breast cancer surgery) to legs. I told him it started in arm, then both feet, and then both legs. Their numb, they tingle, they burn, joints hurt (could also be from lupus), muscles weak, can't stand to be cold and gets extremely painful from being cold. Heat makes me feel better, love the hot tub. In my arm, if someone grabs me slightly it hurts or touch it hurts. I get sinus headaches depending on weather in eye areas and base of neck. When the weather changes to stormy or cold it makes my condition worse. My EMG tests a few years ago were all normal. Dr. also said that RSD would show abnomal EMG's. Gee I wish I didn't go into tell him about the neurontin. Are these true? I thought RSD can spread and not be a rare. I also thought normal EMG is not uncommon. He's got me thinking it's in my head, and that my rheumy told me all wrong about it. What is the scoop on it? He's got me so confused and was rude. Like I am lying to him about the symptoms and how painful it is. Can't wait til my normal dr. comes back. Help, I think I'm going insane.


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