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Re: Late Bloomers--Pros an Cons of Starting a Family in your 30s

[QUOTE=SophiaM]Ok, at Ruth's enouragement, I am starting this new thread. I suck at new threads, but here's my miserable attempt at inciting your heated responses.
So, what do you people think of that? What are the pros and cons of waiting till your mid to late 30s to marry and start having children?

I am 31 and never been married, if it happens it happens. I still feel like my mr. wonderful is out there just waiting for me. But I lived my life and had tons of fun and am still having fun!! My perfect situation would be to meet a guy someday soon be married by 34 and maybe have a child by 35. I know that there are some people who want to still be young when there children are out of the house which is why they have kids young. Not me. I want to have all the fun i can while I am still young and no one is dependant on me. I have a friend from high school who is my age and already has three kids!! She got married at like 24!! No way, just not for me. I just feel like she mised out on so much!! But again, that is only my opinion.