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Re: Rude dr. says RSD does not spread.

Yes RSD can spread. My pain doc's assistant nurse said the same thing to me, and I just blew her off. Fact is RSD can spread. It dosen't spread on everyone and it dosen't always spread in any pattern if it does. It's also not uncommon for people to have a negative result on any test, because there is no test that can give a positive result for RSD. There are criteria you must meet to have RSD, and I don't quite remember where I read them all, but maybe someone else here can help. Once you meet or exceed those criteria and only then can you be diagnosed with RSD. No test can prove or disprove anything. The blocks are a good diagnostic tool, but are not successful for everyone (also have to take in the docs skills on placement), so I'd say, time to find a new doc.. - Jessica

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