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Re: Question on IBS

Metamucil contains a natural water soluble fiber -psyllium- that is broken down by digestion and does cause gas. But, as your system gets use to it --the gas goes away. When starting it, just start off slowly.

Citrucel is made with methylcellulose and is a semisynthetic type fiber that is not broken down by digestive bacteria and does not ferment ---thus it results in less gas problems. But, it is a water soluble fiber.

Both Metamucil and Citrucel are safe to take daily to make sure you get enough water soluble fiber to bulk up your stools.
Fibercon is a synthetic fiber, is not brokendown and does not bulk up your stool. It is an insoluble type fiber.

I have been taking a psyllium supplement like Metamucil --- Equate from Wal Mart for 22 years. It seems a little courser than Metamucil and it cost half as much and does the same thing as far as I can tell.


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