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Re: New Life After 40

Well, I have known many who have divorced, due to various reasons- it seems though when it occurs in older people (no offense!) it seems to be more of the "mid-life crisis" types of things- the wanting to experience new things, and the spouse may be reluctant to do so- or the wanting to be young again syndrome. In my case, it was a combination of things, married too young, physical / mental abuse, and a cheating spouse. I have also known people who just fell apart from each other- they remain friends, but just fell out of love and lost the "spark" that they had when they met. I don't think any 2 cases are really the same, its just really hard to know when you have found that right person. Personally- I suggest living together for a while before marriage - make sure that this is the person you can picture yourself growing old with before you make that final commitment- but nothing is for sure - you have to take risks too, so I guess its just another toss up in the game of life- and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Originally Posted by eightball61
While reading up on a news article i stumble across and article about more women over 40 that want a divorce. It went on to say that women over age of 40 seemed more aware of problems in their marriages while men caught offguard by their divorces.

Most women said that they filed these divorces because of physical abuse, emotional abuse,and or drug and alcohol abuse. The men on the other hand said that they sought divorces because they fell out love, they had different values or lifestyles. I'd just say divorce is you are going through any kind of abuse.

I am confused on why this is..Could it be because they married young and just got sick of it after all these years? Or women are seeking more of an independant life to enjoy that last half of life? What are some of your thought?