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Re: Divorce??

Well, just wanted to chime in here.

There are several valid reasons for divorce that have been listed here, mainly any type of abuse. My first husband was abusive and I divorced his butt by the time I was 23.

The one I fail to understand is "We fell out of love but we're still friends" UH???!!! Friendship should be the foundation of any relationship, so if your already friends, and you have taken those vows, shouldn't you put in a little more effort? Loving somebody is a choice. That high you feel at the beginning of a relationship is not going to last forever. You wake up everyday and you choose to love the person laying beside you because this is the choice you made when you took those vows. That is really oversimplfying it but I think you know what I mean.

I think as a soceity we make divorce much to easy to accept. It is so much easier to walk out than it is to work on the marriage. There are times when two people should just not be together but there are also times that with a little work the marriage could be saved with a happy outcome for both parties.

I was married the second time for 11 years before my husband died. We had a great marriage, but we also worked at it. Marriage is work, it doesn't just happen.

Anyway, just my thoughts