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Re: Lyme And Ms Diagnosis?!

Thanks Ticker for your post. I have learned so much by reading posts from people such as yourself and others that have been so informative and helpful. It wasn't until I read experiences on this board and heard a lecture given at a local town by a LLMD that I started to think "hey I have all of those symptoms". I never heard of co-infections and just assumed since I tested negative for lyme it couldn't be Lyme related. Were you treated with IV antibiotics after the orals? My Dr. mentioned that I might have to do IV after 6 months on orals. Are you now 100% free of any symptoms? I just hope my HMO covers the length of treatment on antibiotics. What other symptoms did you experience? I continue to feel the fatigue, pins and needles, stiff neck. I just started B-12 injections twice a week which I feel are helping with the fatigue and pains. I only started treatment in June so I realize I have a long way to go. As of now I will continue the treatment my LLMD recommends and put the MS diagnosis out of my mind. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge with us.