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Re: question about deep cleaning

If you are getting stitches that doesn't sound like a deep cleaning. I just had one on thursday(top and bottom on the same side...makes it easier to eat if just one side is numb). They use stitches when they do gum surgery (flap surgery where they actually flap back the gum and do an even deeper cleaning than a deep cleaning). the regular deep cleaning which my perio just did was scraping the tartar buildup under the gums...she first ran water inside the gum to get whatever gunk would come off that way and then used her tools to scrape all the tartar buildup of many, many years off. I had novacaine and i couldn't feel what she was doing (i felt the novacaine needle though but not bad). I wouldn't think you would need to have iv sedation for a deep cleaning. My teeth were really bad after all these years too. Maybe you should speak with your dentist a few days beforehand about your allergic reaction so they can be prepared with a drug which you can handle.