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Re: Even more bad news...

Thank you for your emails and thoughts. It is all appreciated. It has been a very busy few weeks. Things are very bad and my husband and I are with his sister all the time. Brian was sent home last week. He is paralyized from the waste down as the tumor on his spine resulted in permanent damage. He has radiation a week ago and felt tired but seemed to be getting better. A few days ago the doctors told us that the cancer had spread since the last CT scan and it has spread to all of his organs... THey say he has about 1 month to live. My sister in law is devastated. We are with her all the time. I help with the house, cleaning, cooking, laundry so she doesn't have to do it. My husband has been doing the night shifts with him so his wife can sleep. It is the hardest thing we have done. Watch someone you love .. die. We are doing our best to stay strong but that is nearly impossible. I worry for my sister in law the most, that she will be alone and how she will cope after he is gone. It breaks my heart to see him the way he is. He is so frail. My sister in law is strong but breaks down a lot crying when she is not with him. I can not even imagine what she is feeling. They have only been married a year...