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Re: reading problems!

Originally Posted by MissJean
i have this thing where when i read the book, i dont understand anything of it. even if i read it over and over again. i dont understand it. even if i read it slowly and like read the same pages over and over, i still dont understand it. whats wrong with me!

Could it possibly be the book that you are reading? Are you reading for pleasure or school?

Textbooks are the worst. I tried to read this book on physiology and it just wouldn’t sink in no matter how many times I poured over it.

I had the same problem with philosophy of religion; I finally found a book Philosophy of Religion for Dummy’s. It was clear and concise and finally I was able to understand what the writer of my textbook failed to convey.

When I was growing up, I hated reading and I felt stupid. It finally dawned on me years later that I wasn’t stupid. The writers that wrote the books that I was forced to read in school were horrible writers and boring at that.