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Re: Even more bad news...

I am glad you have resorted to prayer!! Prayer might bring him comfort in his days to come. It might not take the pain away, but it can ease the pain in the heart and soul. I have seen this with my husband. Scott prays to God, outloud, several times a day. And he always says he can feel God's presense and warmth, despite the pain, he knows God will heal his "soul", which in the end, is all that matters. And, it is also what your sister in law will need to pull her through, and lots of it! I am not 'preaching" at you. I am just telling you, in my life, prayer has worked!

Yes, I am an animal lover. I also believe they know. We have an 80 pound samoyed that thinks he is a lap dog. Scott's condition has worsened the last 2 weeks, Sage lays right beside him all of the time, and he lays his paw on him, and licks him more than usual, he knows Daddy does not feel good.