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Re: Even more bad news...

They are real hesitant to say anything, as of our last appointment. In the beginning, they said 6-9 months, and they have not changed that. I bluntly asked the doctor if the prognosis is stil 6-9 months, he said he would rather wait until Scott finishes this round of treatment and see how he responds to it before he answered that. We go back to the doctor tomorrow, maybe he will tell us more then. Since our last appointment, he finsihed the 13 radiation sessions, and 21 day cycle of chemo. The radiation burned his esophagus (sp?) so bad, he coudl not eat. He got dehydrated from not drinking or eating anything, I took him to the oncologist office last week and they gave him 2 liters of fluid. Since then, he forces down chicken soup broth, plain pudding and water. As of yesterday, he can eat microwaved scrambled (no milk or seasons) eggs, he seems to do "ok" with that. It hurts, but he said it is do-able, because he has to have the protein. Since July 15th, he has lost 24 pounds, probably more by now, that was a week ago.
He hurts just about everywhere now, his muscles are very weak, and he keeps pulling muscles, so he is not walking much. He forced himself to go tyo church yesterday, he "needed" it, and really enjoyed it. Our pastor is Scott's age, so they get along very well.

So, now we wait, that is the hard part... because you never really know just what you are waiting for.

I wish I was allowed to give you my phone number on this website! I hope you will be able to get your sister in law to visit one of these support forums, it helps me tremendously! This might not be a good time for her, but when time permits, I do hope she will visit. People like you hep me through this. It is a place where you can say exactly how you feel, and someone always understands.

I will give you an update tomorrow after teh appointment with the oncologist.