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Re: Even more bad news...

They originally gave Brian a year and after only a month they gave him a few more weeks. It is so hard to lose him and like I said, I can only imagine how my sister in law feels, but I think she would felt a little better have more time. At least a year would be a year to be with she only has a few weeks. I guess neither is good at this point.
I don't know if she will ever visit a site like this, but I will direct her here if she is willing. I think she just has to spend every waking moment with him.
Brian lost his mother to the same cancer about 3 years ago. When she passed on, she told Brian and his sister to take their (paidoff) house, sell it and give their dad a little and split the rest. Brian's sister asked Brian if she could stay in the house for a bit to get things in order in her life and then they would sell the house. Brian and my sister in law planned to use that money for a down payment on a house. Since then she now refuses to sell the house or give them any money at all, which is about $70,000.00. Money they can use because they have no life insurance. They rent a house and because they assumed they would be getting this money, they have a car debt they were waiting to pay off. I worry so much for my sister in law, because not only will she be in mourning when Brian passes, but she will be broke as well. Brian refuses to speak to his sister and the who family dysfuntionality goes on...
It would be a little peace of mind, knowing she was financially sound, so she would be able to mourn for as long as she needed.
Brian had 5 treatments of radiation and in a way I feel it made his life shorter. He also lost so much weight and is practically skin and bones now. He had the radiation through his stomach as well to his back but didn't have the problem eating. It was extremely sore and he said if he touched it at all, he might pass out. I will continue to hope for good news on your end...
Write soon.
Sending hugs from Ontario...