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Re: shadow on an x-ray ...

I am not sure if you have read about my situation but my brother in law has lung cancer. We also live in Canada (ontario) and I can understand your fear about the health care system. You have to be very agressive to get anywhere... In any case, I will tell you our story so far. Brian went to the hospital with back pain, they found a tumor on his spine that had cracked a vertebrae. They removed this with surgery and told him that the cancer was also in his lungs, this was 4 weeks ago. Since then he has had radiation which did nothing and last week we were told it has spread extremely rapidly and he has only a few weeks to live. Believe it or not, he is only 39 !! He has no problems breathing and seemed normal up until the back pain part..and he was working and feeling fine about 5-6 weeks ago. Make sure they do CT scans, bone marrow check, etc. If they are in Ontario, Sunnybrook is the best place to be for this kind of stuff. I wish you well and hope your family is not ill.