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Re: shadow on an x-ray ...

Originally Posted by Tynel
My mom has been having back pains so bad that she is flat on her back for days. Even though she would rather die in pain then go to a doctor, she actually went to the emergency room a few nights ago. They took some x-rays and noticed a 'shadow' on one of her lungs. She is going back in a few days to do more x-rays and a cat scan. Unfortunately, she lives in Canada, so the health care system there is sub-par, to say the least.
She is absolutely scared to death. In the last 2 days she has been hurrying trying to get all her finances in order, and yesterday, her and my dad went and got their will updated and finalized. Everyone is in a state of panic. My dad cant even work. He just keeps breaking down in sobs. My mom, who used to think she was invincible, now is sure she is dying. She says she can just 'feel' it in her system, and is trying to prepare all of us. Can anyone tell me how bad this is from this early in the game? Could this be something non-life threatening, or should we be bracing ourselves for the worst? She is only 49 years old, and stopped smoking almost 20 years ago. She says she doesnt have any problems breathing, but that she is shakey on her feet, and still has the pain in her back (around the shoulder blades). I know no one wants to start assuming and saying anything, but I really would like some insight into what everyone thinks. Please ...

Canada's health care sub par ?? You should get your facts straight about Canada's health care. At least we don't have to re mortgage our house to get cancer care !!

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