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Re: Even more bad news...

Wondering how Scott is doing. Didn't hear from you today. ..

I notice that it is taking longer for Brian to speak as if he has to think a lot longer before he speaks a sentence. His wife called me and told me that Brian said he feels funny ..his body feels funny. SHe doesn't think it will be long. He sleeps a lot but still talks to us, watches TV, drinks and eats. So i guess that is a good sign. SHe is finding it really hard to have his father there and stepmother living with them through this, since they don't know each other that well, and she feels like she doesn't have last weeks alone with him. It is so hard for us to see him the way he is. She said to me last night that she doesnt think so can go on without him. I feel so terrible for her. I have been dreaming of him and wish that a miracle would happen... I wake up feeling sick every morning because I feel so sad about this. I wish I could do more for her.

I bought a really high tech digital camera a few months ago. I was thinking of asking them if they wanted to record him and her. It takes 10 minute videos. Do you think that that would be too weird? I would want that. I would want to remember my husband and be able to see him like that....if it was me...
What do you think? Would it be too difficult??