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Re: My Panic Experience

wow....thankyou for such a wonderful post.

Reading it was like reading my own symptoms and experiences.
During times of stress i suffer from palpatations, anxiety attacks, racing heartbeat, sweating, and sickness and diarreah.

On one occasion after coming back from abroad i was so sick that my husband took me to the doctor. When i told him my symptoms he said i had a stomach bug and gave me antibiotics.
Stress gets me all the time, at work with bosses and stuff. Or just stuff like life getting to me. My mother has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and i am doing well to relax and keep my cool. The only trouble i have at the moment is that i am very tired, but that is a small trouble!!

all i can say is that it is SOOO important to relax, to realise that your not about to drop dead, and just be calm. Its also good to recognise what makes you anxious or stressed and learn to control those feelings.

take care