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Cool Re: My Panic Experience

Hi Squeeky,

I'm sorry about your mother's recent diagnosis of lung cancer. It's good to know that you are coping.

A few years ago my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer (he is fine) and my mother experienced a nervous breakdown because of that (she is getting better all the time). Knowing that I am a highly stressed person at times, I knew that I would need to be able to deal with my family stressors, so I put myself in counseling for a few months to make sure that I stayed grounded.

I felt so overwhelmed with what was going on with my family at the time that counseling for me was a very smart thing to do.

I felt that I empowered myself by doing something positive to ensure that I would have good coping tools to deal with things as they came my way.

I get better all the time with "practicing calm" and being objective about any physical symptoms or fearful thoughts that I have.

I also deal with a onging disequelibrium condition, so maintaining a positive outlook and doing better at being nonreactionary to the physical symptoms of being off balance has helped me cope better with that.

I'm really glad you enjoyed reading my post. My best to you and your family. xo