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Cool Re: A cold or anxiety

Hi Jchandra,

If you don't mind me jumping in here! For me, when I feel anxious or guilty or overwhelmed about a discussion or event that took place, I will have anxiety symptoms that come out as physical symptoms.

What has helped me with that, was keeping a journal. I got a simple spiral notebook and every time I had an anxious or worrisome feeling about symptoms or thoughts, I would write it down. It helped me to work out my thoughts slowly (because it takes time to write everything), and calm me down because airing my concerns felt better than keeping them inside. It also helped me when I re-read my entries to show myself that what was going on wasn't actually something to become overly stimulated or sensitive to.

It's been proven that keeping a journal or diary or daily log is very beneficial to a lot of people as a way to get things out, without actually speaking about them to other people - which sometimes a person can't always do depending on where they are or what they're doing. Sometimes just getting it out is therapeutic to a person, even if it's only writing it down.

Journaling is a way to vent, and it begins to show a person that they can rely on themselves to get past something rather than to have to always get approval or help from someone else.

Plus, people are who prone to anxiety and stress have racing thoughts. It's easier to get rid of a racing thought by getting it out, rather than keep playing it over and over again. So, get it out!

You will find that at first you will be journaling constantly. I journaled EVERY TIME I had a racing thought, problem, or symptom. Then as time went on, I felt a lifting of spirit (less anxiety) and the urge to journal less.

It's amazing when you look back at an old journal, once you've made a few steps forward, to see how far you've come in the way you think.

Big Hug.