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Re: Need Help!!! Desperately!!

Kaity: are you int he US or UK? I ask because the US has laws about this sort of thing, and if you even have the thought that this guy is stalking (much less the evidence yhou seem to have) then the school has to protect you, and they will. Speak to your guidance counselor. My son is ion high school, and has had a problem with this girl he met (she has problems, unfortunately). I advised him to go to the guidance counselor (he lives in California, not with me :-( ) and he did, and says his life is a lot easier. Not only does he not have to be in the same class, they made sure that her schedule was rearranged so she was on the opposite side of the campus. They can also alert your teachers so they can watch out for you. Don't worry about knowing the adults's their job to protect you.
Keep safe.