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Why fibro has made me a hypochondriac.

Maybe I'm alone here...but quite often, my anxiety takes over, and my fibro symptoms turn into deadly diseases. I suppose not having had fibro for very long, about years now, leaves room for me to still freak out, and wonder about other illnesses. Sometimes, I feel so helpless, like I am dying, and something mysterious and unknown is slowly killing me. Everyone will re-assure me, its just fibro. I then begin to think about, if everything is attributed to fibro, perhaps, something serious will/has happened, and I ignore it, b/c my mind just says, oh its fibro. The notion that I can somehow ignore serious health problems b/c of fibro, tends to really scare me. It scares me to the point of belief that I have fatal illnesses. Of course, not having a rheumy that even tries to treat me(men:|), and not being on ANY drugs whatsoever, nor am I going to therapy, probably doesnt help. New symptoms, tend to send me for a loop. I'm addicted to finding out what is wrong. Yet, there is seemingly nothing wrong, aside from fms. I'm young, I want to feel young. I feel old, I feel 80 years old. I dont know where to start anymore. I feel like there are so many things to address, and I dont know which problems I should address first. I'm just really tired of thinking that I'm dying. I guess I dont really have a point, just thought Id vent?

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