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Re: Why fibro has made me a hypochondriac.


I feel for you but I know what you're going through. I am one of those people that catastophes everything. It comes from having so much chaos in my life all of the time. The funny thing is that this didn't even start until I was 32 and everything calmed down, I did a sigh of relief and my body finally broke down. I've had this now for 8 years and I'm still not "used to it". It seems that a lot of people with a Type A personality get Fibro,( I read that somewhere and it makes sense), and they are the people that have the hardest time dealing with not being "in control".

Try to find something, anything that will take your mind off of it, if only for a short time of day. Have a plan for when things get bad, that will calm you down. No matter how hard it is,and even if you have to write it down and put it on your mirror, replace the bad thoughts with not so bad thoughts. Instead of, I'm going to die from this, say to yourself, Ok this is a bad feeling but I've survived it before, and I'll be fine this time too.

I'm so silly I've even driven to the ER and sat in the parking lot until I've calmed down. Since fibro is different for everyone, you have to find out what works for you, and no matter how silly it seems, just do it if it makes you feel better.

Good Luck and feel better hon,