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Re: Why fibro has made me a hypochondriac.

Thank you for your replies I know tons about my condition, it just seems to get overloaded in my mind sometimes. I had a hard time finishing up high school ( I started getting really sick my senior year in high school) tho, I did finish, even with a 4.0, I just seem to have lost the confidence to go on with my life. I dont feel like the capable person I was before. I do believe that it true that type A people get fibro. I was your prime example of an over achieving control freak. Not having control of this, seems to leave me very beside myself. I just recently moved away from my family, and most of my friends, to seek refuge in a place I can get healthy. I suppose it all just takes time. I've just never been very patient with these types of things. Having been healthy most of my life, I expect things to go away like a bad cold. Thank you again, for reading what Ive had to say, and for your input, it really does help more than yall probably know. It's nice to have support, from someone, anyone.