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Just need a quick question answered...

Hi everyone,
I've had my IBS diagnose for a little over two years now... Generally I can deal with it, besides what I call 'the attacks" which is when it feels like I have a stomach virus (diarrea, abdominal pain, gas, indigestion, lower back pain, ect) usually this lasts about a week.

Right now I'm going through one these awful weeks, I started feeling terrible on Sat, and it has continued since then...
The reason for my posting is this;
I noticed that my stool today was unusually pale, and had a different consistensy then what I'm used to seeing (although I'm used to seeing many different kinds)
After reading up on this, I basically freaked out since all that comes up is liver, kidney, and gallbladder problems (I'm 19 yrs old!)
So i was hoping some people with IBS could tell me if theyve ever had really pale clay colored stool?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot.

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