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Seizure Medications / Topamax ?

Hello everyone-

I had a grand mal seizure April 2003 following a brain surgery that was not epilepsy related, it was to remove a benign tumor. I have had EEG's and there are no epilepforms (i think that's the word) in them so this seizure may be a one shot deal.

After my seizure they told me I would have to be on seizure meds 3-4 yrs before considering taking me off. Latest brain MRI neurologist says there is an adnormal area at the surgery site that "could" trigger seizures so I may be on medications a little longer than expected. Of course, going off you run the risk of having a seizure again.

I started w/ Dilantin right after the seizure, then weaned off and onto Lamictal. That worked OK but $$ was high. Weaned on and off that and onto Tegretol where I am at now. 500 mgs per day.

I have gained 30lbs since I had the seizure. Is there any seizure med out there that doesn't cause weight gain? I have tried to lose but I am unsuccessful with that as well. I have exercised but no change, scale stays the same give or take a few pounds.

I have read about Topomax causing people to loss weight. Does this med have any side effects that are really difficult to deal with? I would HATE to not sleep at night, that is my biggest fear with new meds is that they will keep me awake.

What type of weight loss can be achieved by going on this medication? Is it because you are less hungry?

Any long term effects with liver damage or anything like that?

I see my neuro next week and might want to ask to change meds.


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