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I have some WEIRD scary symptoms and I don't know if its anxiety

I without a doubt have anxiety disorder, I have all the symptoms. But I also have weird symptoms that may not be anxiety realated and I need help seeing if these are anxiety symptoms or something else.

1)Neck aches for no reason
2) I feel pressure on my glands right under the throat(not inside the throat. Right under your chin..but farther back. On the right and left side of that area) ...and it hurts and it feels like I am going to suffocate...I feels this pressure on it like someon is pussing on my least I think they are my glands I am not even sure if their are glands there.
3) I fear going deaf and blind
4) Sometimes only one side of my chest hurts
5) these symtoms happen even when I am not 'panicing'...some of them stay with me all day.
6)weird visual feeling like the room looks cloudy and blurry
7) Poor balance
8) When i stand up from sitting down my heart races, I feel dizzy, my legs feel numb and tingly and it lasts a few seconds.

I am so scared...these cannot be signes of anxiety they are too rare.

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