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Question Re: Seizure Medications / Topamax ?

Thanks everyone for your experiences w/ Topamax. I am nearly 190 lbs on a 5'2" body, so I could really use to lose the weight. I do drink tons of water now so I would still continue to do so. I would say well over 64 oz per day. All my weight gain started after the surgery (10lbs) and then the rest after the seizure.

Does Topamax effect your sleep at all? Most drugs that cause you to lose weight also effect your sleep.

I experience some weird stuff w/ Tegretol too. Word retrieval, memory loss, losing my train of thought, things like that. I guess from what everyone says, Topamax is even worse. I have to decide what is more important, and right now losing the weight is the most important to me. I have tons of clothes that DON'T fit and hardly any that do, because I don't want to buy too many in this larger size.

Has Topamax combined w/ any other AED also caused weight loss or does it have to be taken on it's own?


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