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Re: I have some WEIRD scary symptoms and I don't know if its anxiety

Sounds all too familiar. I have all the same symptoms and was diagnosed with panic disorder about 9 months ago. I feel like I have to fight just to stay alive sometimes. Like if I relax I will just fade away and die. What a horrible feeling. I also wonder about going deaf or blind sometimes. I even sleep with the light or TV on so I can open my eyes to make sure I can still see. I have even gotten to the point that I can't even sleep in the bed anymore because i just lay there and think weird, crazy, or scary thoughts. I just watch TV until I fall asleep. And this is driving my wife crazy. She thinks I just don't want to sleep with her but I guess she just does not understand.

But to lasalla22, don't worry, all the symptoms you are experiencing are the same that I, and many others have. Just keep reading the posts on this site and you will see. This site has been the single best thing that I have found for my anxiety so far. It really helps knowing that you are not the only one with these unusal feelings.

Thanks to everyone.