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Re: I have some WEIRD scary symptoms and I don't know if its anxiety

You have to remember that anxiety and panic are reactions. I feel certain that you are suffering from anxiety from your very real symtpoms. Often times we start a terrible cycle with anxiety, symptoms, more anxiety causing increased symptoms creating greater anxiety, and so on and so on.

That being said, have you had your thyroid checked out? The symptoms of pressure on your neck ALONG with your anxiety could be an indication of a thyroid disfunction. This is nothing to be anxious about or to worry about, but it would defiantely be worth looking into if you have no done so already. If you have had your thyroid checked out and your doctor has ruled it out, then just continue to try and relax and start a better cycle of not worrying so much, decreasing symtpoms, worrying even less causing symptoms to lessen even more and so on and so on.