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Re: adenocarcinoma of the lung

Sorry to hear that this ugly disease has touched your family. I lost my brother a few days ago to lung cancer. It was in the lung and spread to the liver and bones. By Sunday night we were told he had a few weeks to a few months. On Wednesday, we were told a few days. He died Thursday morning. Up until they increased his meds - he was very aware although it was difficult for him to talk. At one point the day before he died, he told me to 'chill' because I kept asking him if he was ready to have the hot tea I made him, or did he want some of the milkshake the nurse made him, etc.

I would tell you that if they are beginning to increase the pain dosage that you should spend as much time with her as possible. We did not get the news of a few days left until late Wednesday afternoon. We then called the family who weren't there because they thought they had time. I wish they could predict it better or they possibly know the date and just don't tell you. I don't know. Seems like they could see the shape he was in and tell us a realistic timeframe so we could spend more time with him.
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