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Re: Stubborn Plantar's Warts?

You could try going to the doctor. It doesn't necessarily mean getting your foot operated on. I have two friends on my feet (I've had one of them for 5 years now!). I have tried lots of stuff and they shrink, but then I slack off and they come back. I didn't have any luck with the duct tape. The best over the counter one that I found is if you get the acid in the bottle with the brush to put it on, rather than on the pads. I went to the doctor for one treatment but then left the state so I haven't been back. The options that doctors have are to freeze it (have you tried the over the counter freezing stuff yet? I'm too scared, plus it's expensive), put on a strong acid, or cut it out. Cutting it out is the last resort treatment, after they have tried everything else. My doctor did the acid thing. I laid down on my stomach and she took a scalpel blade to shave off all of the dead tissue around the wart (this doesn't hurt at all because it's just dead stuff). Then she put on the acid, which is stronger than what you can buy. That hurt a bit for the next hour or so, but not unbearably. The reason that this is better than what you can do at home is the doctor gets rid of all the dead skin on top so the acid can actually kill the wart, not just sit on top of dead tissue; also the acid is stronger. This doesn't get rid of it all at once, because these warts are like icebergs-- the part you see is just the tip. So she said that I would go in every 6? weeks to get repeat treatments until they were gone.

As for alternative treatments, you could try vitamin A. Get it in liquid form and put it on the wart. My uncle said that that worked really well for him, but it didn't do anything for me.

Good luck!