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Re: Stubborn Plantar's Warts?

My little brother just saw my dermatologist to get some warts treated after much home treatment didn't work. My next visit and his next visit coincide, so I'll probably know more after I'm at that visit, but I think that on Monday, they just used the freezing liquid (liquid nitrogen? It seems like it'd be the same stuff he sprays at my acne visits) to clear the virus that keeps the warts coming back. After a couple days, Michael is supposed to use Tinamed, with 17% salicylic acid, and duct tape cut to fit over the warts. The Tinamed is the liquid with a brush thing, but anything with 17% SA should be good.

The OTC freezing stuff (Wartner) does the same thing the doctor's spray does, but according to my derm, it's not cold enough to kill the virus, so you would probaby save money by not getting it. (My mom bought the stuff for $20, and it didn't work.)