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Re: [B]Fisherman's New Thread on Suboxone[/B]

Hi again Fisherman I am not sure what to advise you because I abuse the ritalin way may then you did but I will try to give you a couple of ideas. I was thinking a taper of sub would be the best but maybe you dont want to consider because you have done wihhout it and you feel like that you would be starting over. Another idea I have is ask the doctor for some progavil. This is supposed to be non addicting. When I ran out of ritalin and adderall it helped me so much. It feels like a major energy drink. I was able to do all my normal activities. Now if you are going with the ritalin then please dont chew them I would also think you would get longer relief if you dont chew them You probably had no intention of chewing them anyway. Only use them for a short time so you dont get hooked. Just because you were able to give them easily the first time doesnt mean next time will be easy. Early in my ritalin use I was able to just stop taking them and felt great, that is not the case today. I will be on the computer a lot until next weds when I go away for a few days so I am here if you need me even if its just to vent. sincerely Carly