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Re: shadow on an x-ray ...

Tynel - have you gotten any results on your mom? Just to let you know someone cares. Lung cancer is always scary. My mother's first symptom was a pain just below her shoulder blade and an xray just a few months before was clear. But then my hairdresser just this week was sharing with me that her step father who was already in extremely bad health had a shadown on his chest xray (on the lung). They ran some test but the man knew it was cancer went ahead and took his life only to get a phone call (message on answering machine) later saying all was OKAY and not to worry about the shadow. So you just don't know. My sister now has lung cancer and it has spread to her brain but to talk to her you would never know anything is wrong. Her condition is now terminal and her time is short but it just wouldn't think that someone who seems to feel so well is supposedly so close to death.

Let us know when you find out. There are plenty of us who really want to know.

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