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Re: [B]Fisherman's New Thread on Suboxone[/B]

Hey Carley,

Please try and not mix the ritalin and adderall. Stick to one or the other. You know ritalin has a high tendency to make your Blood Pressure soar. I am afraid adderal has this same tendency but not as great. You could really do your body some real harm doing both at the same time. Like I am one to stand on the soapbox.LOL I have done so much damage to my body that I will never regain my old health again. And just imagine I was a super health nut 5 years ago. Runner, weight lifter and played all sports, and now I can barely get off the couch. I really am struggling and don't know if I will survive the rest of the day. If you trully have ADD I think the adderal is the best way to go and leave the Ritilan alone. It has way too much tendency for abuse. I have read that Ritalin has been the downfall of so many Pharmisist. They get hooked on it and just can't stop until they are caught. I stayed on it for over 2 years and have not had one since the first of June. I would be lying to you if I told you I did not want one right now. I even have a full bottle of 90 20's. I have not broke yet...............just hanging on by a thread.

your friend,