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Re: Need Help!!! Desperately!!

Did you tell anyone that he attacked you? You need to tell your parents and the school councelor, especially if he is stalking you again. I disagree that he may have changed just because he's 14.

When I was 15, a 16 year old bully was harassing me, demanding i go to homecoming with him. I firmly told him no. the next day in art class, he sat down next to me at my table and demanded I go to the dance with him. He was 6'3" and solid muscle and slammed his fist down making the table jump. I was 5'2 and 110 lbs. I told him no, I was going with another guy, thinking this truth would give him a graceful out. It didn't. He flew into a rage, pulled his fist back to swing at me with full force. I froze. I already had PTSD at this time, from when I was murdered at age 11.

I knew a dangerous bully wehn I saw one.

Another kid grabbed him and held him til his rage subsided before he could swing. He got kicked out of school for it. The whole class saw. No one asked me anything, not a teacher, not the principal. Then a couple weeks later, a teacher I didn't know stopped me in the hall and said "It's okay now. He's gone and not coming back. He's in jail. He hit a boy and killed him." and walked away.

Until then, I was careful never to be alone and always looking over my shoulder. I sensed the guy was a psycho and it turned out he was. And he wound up killing someone.

Get help. Don't stay quiet about it. This is not something to take lightly. You do not have to be harassed.