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Re: Worried, losing work and scared of losing our house!

My sympathies are with you regarding your husband. I too had the same problems were I did have problems with work and had to handle the consequences of it. There are a couple of things I would propose:

1) Write down everything that your husband eats!!! He may have an allergy to several foods. In this diary I would document when the meal was eaten, and then the symptoms when they occur. (I understand that would be extremely diffikcult being a paramedic) The reason why this is important is because reactions may take an hour to a couple of hours to arise. Eating multiple times during a day makes it difficult to determine which is a trigger.

2) If he can bring his food to work, In this way you can control what is being eaten and how the food is cooked. Remember that the main triggers for me at least is wheat, milk and sometimes eggs.

3) Read labels - many of the things that may be triggers may go unnoticed on the food labels such as modified food starch can be wheat or corn based, and may cause a reaction.

4) For me coffee and other caffinated drinks seem to aggravate my symptoms

Good Luck and I hope things get better.