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Re: shadow on an x-ray ...

I had a giant cell tumor on my femur , benign yet very aggressive. I have a limb salvage prosthesis now, supposed to be my salvation but I endure pain 24/7.
Giant cell tumors even though benign can metastisize to your lungs or any respiratory area.
I have had many xrays{I get chest xrays every 6 months} that have shown a "shadow", for me they usually turn out to be a nipple shadow. But lately I have a lot of pain on the left side in upper back which is where my shadow has always shown up. I just sent my new xrays to my BIL who is an Ortho dr to make sure that it is just arthritis which is what the Radiologist said.It just seems funny to me that it's always been on the left and that's where I am having pain.

I hope that your mother finds out soon before the wait kills her. Drs can be insensitive about these things.I am only 43 now and found the GCT when I was 34. I never smoked but my father did when I was growing up.

My brother who is only 45 has just been diagnosed with Throat/mouth cancer and Hodgkins. He does smoke since he was a teenager and is a heavy drinker.

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