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IBS and Working & Driving

I've had IBS for many (over 15) years. I just suffered through it until this year I finally started seeing a gastro...hasn't done much for me yet.

Anyway, this may seem silly but I notice that driving in a car will trigger my need "to go." I could be fine all day at home then once I'm in the car for 5 minutes or so I need a bathroom...the cramps & urgency start. It does seem worse if I am the passenger so my husband just loves the fact that I need to drive wherever we go.

My other question is about working. How many of you are able to hold down jobs...full time? How do you do it?
I need to go back to work in 2 years when my little one starts school & am dreading the fact.
I'd love to find something to do out of my own home (other than babysitting)

I appreciate any feedback....this board has been very informative.

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