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Re: [B]Fisherman's New Thread on Suboxone[/B]

Don't get discouraged fisherman by stella's 45 day thingy. True, the brain receptors take 90 days before they get back to normal, but it doesn't mean that you don't feel a little better everyday. Just takes a while because Sub sticks to your receptors like mud. Not only that, mostly the physical WD is gone, but its the mental BS that you go through within those 90 days that makes it harder.

You're doing great. Expect to be weak..Kick back the whole weekend and be a couch potato. That's all you can really do except exercise! Take vitamins!

I'm also a chronic pain sufferer, but I also cannot go back to the addiction. Its an evil that consumes you. The WDs make you see that light. Don't be so hard on yourself. You are absolutely doing the right thing by getting off the Sub.

Take care.