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Fiber has really cured diarrhea

I finally joined this forum officially because I wanted to tell all you IBS-D
folks about what has really helped me. After my doctor suggested fiber supplements for my unpredictable and life-limiting diarrhea, I had my doubts. I didn't think something so simple would make much of a difference. And it didn't at first -- because I wasn't taking enough. I currently take 2 SOLUBLE fiber (methylcellulose) caplets before each meal with a full glass of water and I rarely have an attack at all anymore. It took a while to really work consistently (about 6 weeks) although the attacks were less and less frequent during that time. I can't tell you how my life has changed. I used to avoid eating out at all costs because I never knew when that "explosive" feeling would hit. I am still careful about what I eat when I'm out -- I try not to go with extremely high fat meals -- but, honestly, I have had a lot of junk food at home and nothing happens! I really can't believe it. I know others have tried this and have not seen much of a difference but I thought some of you might appreciate knowing that maybe there is hope to at least improve your situation. You can actually take up to 12 caplets a day, but this seems to be doing the trick for me. And there is no problem with constipation as a result. Just regular bowel movements like normal people.

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