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Re: [B]Fisherman's New Thread on Suboxone[/B]


I am taking detailed notes and ideas on what not to do when you get off of Suboxone. I hope I can be the help to others as you all have been to me.

I am still scared of relapsing. Day 10 has not been a magic day for me yet. Maybe it will be day 11.

What I am scared of most is next week I have hugh responsibilites at work and my mind has to be clear. I can't sneak out at lunch because of a bad day. This will be my greatest trial. My wife also had a bad mammogram Thursday and goes Tuesday for a biopsy. I feel like a heal that I have not had the energy to be there for her. She has always been there for me.

It just makes me hate thoose little devil pills even greater. You loose site of all that is good in your life and place them as the center of your life.

If I ever make it through this, I promise I am going to be the Husband , Father and friend that the last five years have robbed me from. I will never be as self centered and always put others before me. I laugh and joke and be the person that I used to be.

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