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Re: IBS and Working & Driving

Working and having IBS is really really a challenge. Depending on what type of job you may have be hired to do.
The first thing I would do is discover what triggers set off your IBS and aviod them ccompletely. This avoidance will reduce your stress level because you will know what will cause a reaction and what will not.

Secondly, if you are in an area where people bring pot luck or other food related items to work or for the holidays, it is best to avoid these all together since you do not know how it was prepared or cooked. In this case it is best to bring your own food to work.

Third, scope out where the nearest restrooms are just in case

The difficult part is that you have to watch what you injest 24 hours a day, food eaten at home could suddenly pop up the next morning before you go to work, or worse yet during the middle of a shift. this diet would be exceptionally critical if you have shift work. I have had cases where I have had an IBS - D reaction and i was so fatigued I had to take a couple of sick days.

Look into your company's sick day policy and try to work within the guidelines but be very careful how they are used. that is what makes adherance to the points I made above so crucial some management will have sick day policies but look down on people who take many, especially if they fall on Friday or on a Monday. If you know something is going to happen, notify your supervisor immediately.

Recently, as a reminder to myself as to how bad this can be, I went outside of my diet and ate a rice krispie square. I asked all of the pertinent questions and asked if it was cooked with butter or margarine ( I am also Lactose intolerant). The attendent said margarine of course. So gleefully I ate one and went back to work. As you may have guessed I felt the rumblings start up about 1 hour after I ate it. Two hours later I had major sweats spell and I knew what was going to happen. I excused my self and for about 20 minutes have an IBS-D reaction, the first of two. I was so fatigued that night I just slept. It was a very rude wake up call.

As far as driving, I have found that sitting does put more pressure on my stomach and it seems to make things worse or the need to get to a bathroom more urgent.

Good luck